Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great reads about and by David Bromige, Michael Palmer, Robert Duncan et al

Interview of David Bromige by "Too Many Stars" (collaboration of Sean Durkin and Sam Witt), great read, mention of Victor Coleman interesting, too.

Michael Palmer's essay on Robert Duncan in Jacket2, "Ground Work: on Robert Duncan"  another great read.

(To me, personally, very) Interesting note on Robert Duncan and Henry Miller and Anais Nin:

In 1938, he briefly attended Black Mountain College, but left after a dispute with faculty on the subject of the Spanish Civil War. He spent two years in Philadelphia and then moved to Woodstock, New York, to join a commune run by James Cooney. There he worked on Cooney's magazine The Phoenix and met Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin, who both admired his poetry. Cooney was less fond of its pagan tendencies.
Interesting (to me, VERY), simply because it shows so much "connection" that develops in a lifetime, NOT so very surprisingly -- in this case, namely, that I developed intense interest in Henry Miller (and Anais Nin) at least 10-12 years before meeting David Bromige and getting turned on to Robert Duncan.  As it turns out, and one finds this out again and again in (a) life, a lot of the great souls that one is drawn to in life were also, themselves, drawn to others one had met earlier in life (in person or in Literature).  Very interesting... And very glad to have come across this reminder that Duncan and Miller and Nin had met and befriended each other.  These sorts of reminders always make me feel that I'm part of a big family, which is of course always comforting.